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Data tool development

Business processes can be very complex. However, the understanding and execution of the data flow is critical to maintaining business effeciency.

We build a Spherical view of the data flow in an operation. Then we apply our findings to our Data Life Cycle™ to reveal unrealized value.

Workflow efficiency

Efficiency comes when you have the right tools for the job. Every business operation is unique, so should the tools.

Our tools fill the gap between data storage, workflow and insight. We custom-build intuitive, scalable data tools, that promote clean, complete input and insightful, crystal clear reporting for decision makers.

We are data management experts who help you gather, clarify and decide with data. 


We help you realize efficiencies, cut costs, mitigate risks, and increase profit through our unique approach and understanding of data management.


Our results have been measured into the hundreds of millions of dollars. Working with us is an investment, the return on which is exceptional, exponential and ongoing.



The discipline of data is applicable to any industry.
Below are a few of the organizations to whom we have provided our expertise towards data-driven decision-making, risks mitigated, and costs saved. 


That report took ten days to cobble together, so we only did it every six months - now we get it daily.


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