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Data Speaks

Data is the lifeblood of an organization. It carries information that reflects the health of the business.

When data is curated and completely circulates according to its life cycle, it reveals the secrets of maximizing ROA.

The Data Life Cycle continues to maximise asset value by outlining the steps necessary to make data driven decisions and confirm its outcome.



Evolve the definition of business efficiency to emphatically include data management. 

A Spherical view in every office


Our specialization resides in the connection between data and operations.
Our passion is producing value by discovering and eliminating business process inefficiencies through improved data management tools, platforms and ecosystems.
Our mission is to help every client see their organization from a spherical vantage to enable them to operate more safely, efficiently, smartly, and more profitably.

With over 20 years of collective experience improving business processes in various industries, including oil and gas, auto and government agencies, we understand the challenges that exist in every business process regarding the cycle of data.  Our method of data management has proven to be the most effective way to eliminate business process inefficiencies, time and time again.

How does a small group manage to save a large company millions of dollars per year? 

the Data Life Cycle®

We partner with you and your team

1. We assess your business processes and analyze your data.

2. Notify you of any areas of loss with quantity and recommend changes for a more efficient workflow.

3. Build custom, easy-to-use data tools that fit and scale to your current and future business needs. We use the popular software platform MS Office®, which you probably already have, supercharged by VBA®. However, we can also provide an application on a different platform, if required.

4. Provide support for and guidance for using your new tools to the fullest.

We do this all while empowering your team to understand the value of good data and how to leverage it to become and stay efficient.  


Listening to data is vital to making the most effective business decisions.  Find out more about how we can help you understand your data with data analyzation and visualization.


Over the years we have been organically using and refining our methodology to ensure that any operation runs at its peak efficiency (see Data Life Cycle®).  We believe that loss should never be included in the status quo of any organization.  

Everything we know about anything

is DATA.

J.Jones - Spherical Insight Group

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